Allie’s Senior Photos: Dancing, Dreaming and Delicious Skies


Allie - where do I start? She’s an artist, a photographer, a dancer, a dreamer…creative through and through. I had just the best time with her and her mom doing this session! We started at an farm owned by a good friend of mine. It has a lot of great old building to play in - which is so much fun … Read More

Hannah’s Autumn Equestrian Senior Photos


This is my last session to blog from 2014! I can't wait to catch you all up on this year's sessions, it's been a great summer so far! If you are interested in a session with autumn colors, I encourage you to book soon, as these dates are filling up. Hannah’s session was a trip down memory lane … Read More

Abbie’s Autumn Senior Photos with Her Horse Hercules


My session with Abbie happened on a beautiful autumn day. The trees were just beginning to show their colors and made for a lovely backdrop for our time together. Abbie and her horse Hercules are one of those friendships where each needed the other in order to heal and grow. They have a sweet, … Read More

Janelle’s Senior Photos with Her Horse Ty


There’s a saying that goes, “It takes a long time to grow an old friend.” Janelle and Ty have the kind of friendship that spans a lot of time. Though they no longer compete together, Janelle wanted her senior photos with him, because of the friendship they have grown over the years. Their connection … Read More

Kelly’s Senior Session with her Horses Wiley and Mick


If I could be granted a superpower, I think I would want the ability to control the weather. I feel like I’ve turned into an amateur meteorologist over the years, as I try watch and read multiple weather reports and forecasts to figure out when to go ahead with a session and when to reschedule. If I … Read More

Greta and her horses Lulu and Ricky


There’s a funny quote I see pop up on Facebook once in awhile. It goes like this “Horses are like potato chips, you can’t have just one!” Well, Greta originally was going to have photos with just her sweet horse Lulu (on the right), but days before our session, she got another one named Ricky. He … Read More

Olivia’s Senior Photos with her Horse Denali


You may not know this about me, but I used to be quite the trumpet player. For most of my Jr and Sr High years, I was first or second chair. I even had a custom license plate for awhile that read “TRMPT1.” My senior year of high school found me in a bigger school with a strong brass program, and I … Read More

Cattle Drive!


When I was a little girl, I was pretty much obsessed with all things horses. When we would go on family vacations and hike in the mountains, I would often pretend to be a horse trotting down the trail. I was pretty sure I would grow up, marry a farmer or a cowboy, and live on a ranch in the country. … Read More

Keara’s Senior Photos with her Horse Harley


One of my favorite things about my equestrian portrait sessions is that I get to visit a lot of different barns in the area and explore the beautiful scenery surrounding them. Keara boards her horse Harley at Rolling Hills Stable in Hugo, MN. Hugo is just far enough north of the Twin Cities to have … Read More

Kate and Her Horse Retired Quarter Horse Otis


Otis is a retired AQHA show horse and Kate’s equine love. Kate was graduating college and wanted photos with her beloved horse before his health failed and she was off to life’s great adventures. We had such a fun time doing this session. Her family’s farm was full of beautiful settings and … Read More