Equine Advertising Photography


You need a creative partner who knows horses.

When you need a photographer for your advertising campaign or image library, you want one who is experienced in working as part of a collaborative team AND who understands the unique challenges of photographing horses.

As a commercial equine photographer, I’ve partnered with both major brands and creative agencies to help bring their advertising vision to life. My lifetime of experience with horses means I’m able to work with them respectfully to get the best expressions and movements no matter what the discipline.

I have strong technical skills so I am able to create the photos you need even in the most challenging situations. I am an adaptable, agile problem-solver, and I know how to consistently deliver powerful images to happy clients.


Ad Campaigns

If you are looking for photography for an ad campaign, I will work with you to create images that will fit your design and communicate your message.

Image Libraries

Plan a library shoot where we spend a few days working to create a year's worth of custom images for you to use in your advertising, marketing, and social media.

Stock Photos

If you don't have time for a custom photoshoot and need an equine photo for your advertising or marketing project, search my robust equine stock photo library.

"We have partnered with Shelley for over a decade now. Her consistent ability to understand our market and capture beautiful images that speak to it, whether we are targeting performance horse owners or pleasure owners, keep us coming back time after time."

Gina Thesing

Client List

Major brands I've been honored to partner with include:
Creative agencies I've been honored to partner with include:

“Shelley always gets the shot! And, that’s just one reason why we consider her a part of our brand marketing team! From pre-planning to post-production and absolutely everything in-between, Shelley Paulson Photography makes the Farnam brand shine.”

Martha Lefebvre, Senior Marketing Manager
Farnam Horse Care Products

"Shelley knows horses, she sees beautiful light and is a breeze to work with. We did a whirlwind two-day shoot capturing hundreds of great shots for our client Triple Crown to use for marketing and social media applications. I can’t wait to partner with her again!"

Stefan Hartung, Owner/Creative
Kick, Branding & Design Agency

Are you ready to explore a creative partnership?

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