Rachel and a Horse That Lives Up to Her Name

Whenever people tell me they aren’t photogenic, I usually protest. I believe every person can be made beautiful in a photograph, and that it’s the job of the photographer to find that beauty and bring it out. But once in awhile, I meet a person or a horse who just naturally shine in front of the camera. In this session, I found both.

High School Senior Rachel and Diva are lovely friends and this horse could have a modeling career because she simply posed for me and interacted so beautifully with Rachel, almost upstaging her at times! She really was a DIVA. 🙂 With the help of Rachel’s mom and Diva’s owner/trainer, we enjoyed an enjoyable evening of photography together!




Isn’t she just lovely? I wanted to take her home with me!


I can’t wait for the landscape to be green like this again! I’m so tired of this extended winter we are having!


I love Rachel’s face here. 🙂




With high school senior sessions, I almost always photograph the senior with AND without the horse. Variety is the spice of life!


I enjoyed Rachel’s quiet beauty. She was a joy to photograph.



One of my favorite times of day to photograph is just after the sun has left a landscape and there is still light in the sky. Everything is so soft and gentle. A great match for these two!



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