Legacy Equine Nutrition Branding Session

Rachel Mottet just received her PhD in Equine Nutrition from the University of Minnesota. This means she knows her stuff when it comes to the inside and outside of a horse! While finishing her degree, she started her own consulting business, Legacy Equine Nutrition. She offers a variety of services for horse owners who want to optimize their horse’s health and performance. 

I first met Rachel last summer when she hired me to photograph her with her beloved horse Titan. Little did we know at the time that this big, beautiful, healthy boy would have an unexpected injury that would end his life far too early. We’re both so glad we did that session when we did. ❤️

But before all that, Rachel licensed images from my Equine Stock Photo Library and hired me for a Branding Session. The goal of both was to create images for her web site and other marketing efforts. 

I loved working with Rachel! After seeing the proofs from her session, she wrote: “Shelley!!! These are SO BEAUTIFUL! Omg, I’m in love with almost all of them!” That’s the kind of email that makes my day!











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