My “Why” as an Commercial Equine Photographer

As I was cleaning stalls the other day, pondering the meaning of life, my thoughts wandered to the meaning of my work.⁠
In 2021, I shifted my business from serving a mix of commercial and portrait clients to primarily serving commercial and editorial clients. ⁠
The “why” behind the work is obvious with portrait clients: I am preserving memories for horse owners. As someone who recently lost a beloved horse, this is more poignant to me than ever. I treasure all the photos I have of me with my beautiful Fritzie. ⁠
Back to my stall cleaning contemplation…it has taken longer to truly find it, but I found my “why” for commercial work. ⁠
With a portrait session, I make an impact on an individual horse owner. That impact is meaningful, but with a commercial project, my impact reaches many more horse owners and can greatly improve the quality of life for horses far and wide. ⁠
Take, for example, the work I have done over the years for Farnam Horse. Their fly control products, supplements, leather care, wound care, deworming, and grooming products improve the lives of horses and horse owners – myself included! ⁠
When I help them communicate their brand value and showcase their products, I get to be part of what makes the horse industry better. What an incredible privilege!

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