Longines League of Nations in Ocala for Horse Illustrated

It was a great privilege to photograph a world-class showjumping competition like the Longines League of Nations at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida.
Before this event, I had never even been to the World Equestrian Center in Ocala FL, much less had the credentials to photograph there. To top it off, this was an international competition featuring 18 of the top 20 show jumpers in the world!
Imposter syndrome? Nerves? Yes, I felt all of it. You see, I don’t photograph this sport as a primary focus. I was surrounded by national and international media who serve and document this sport day in and day out – it was very intimidating! But I just had to decide to have fun, do my thing, and enjoy this possibly one-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity.
Going into Round 2 of the Longines League of Nations, the US was in the lead! But in the end, it was not luck; the Irish Team rode their way to victory! Switzerland took second, with the US in third.⁠
Just as the last rider left the course, the sky opened up and drenched the crowds, awaiting a drone light show. One drone flew out, looked around, and left. I was disappointed but also curious about what would happen with the prize-giving ceremony.⁠
Well, these are horse people, so they just did it in the rain! Thankfully, I had a rain poncho and rain camera cover to keep myself and my gear dry.
Here’s how the story appeared in the June 2024 Issue of Horse Illustrated.

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