Triple Crown Feed Ad Campaign

In the winter of 2019, I traveled to Wellington, Florida to do a commercial photoshoot with “Ideas That Kick,” a Minneapolis Branding and Design firm and their client, Triple Crown Feed. They were working on a new marketing campaign and needed fresh, exclusive images for both online and print advertising. 

With commercial photography projects, I like to think of myself as a creative partner, working collaboratively with agency creatives and the client to create strong images that communicate their brand story and that will fit flexibly into all the various uses from print to social media. Seeing my images in use is incredibly rewarding, so I’ve decided to share this shoot by showing the photos as they are appearing in print and online.

They are currently using photos from our collaboration in a rotation on their home page:




Here is one being used as a header photo on an informational page on the Triple Crown Feed site:


I opened a magazine recently and flipped the page to see this full page ad. It took my breath away!


They are also using the images in banner advertising:




And finally, here are some social media posts featuring the images:






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  1. Shelley S

    October 7, 2019

    Those are absolutely stunning. Are these all your pics?

    I’m especially taken with the first and last pics in this email. Can you tell me anything about that gorgeous blaze-faced bay and the amazing chestnut at the end?

    Shelley in N. Michigan

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