Branding Photography for Spirithorse Designs

A few years ago, a lovely woman business owner named Angela reached out to me about licensing one of my photos on her website – Spirithorse Designs – where she sells jewelry made from horse hair. 

She licensed a few more over the years and then decided it was time to invest in having a library of images made to market the beautiful horse hair jewelry she makes.

I’m going to be honest here and tell you that what I thought would be one photo shoot turned into three and the reason is that this was harder than it looked! Photographing jewelry in the context of people loving thier horses proved to be a challenge. Angela, the owner, couldn’t be here in person, so after each shoot, she would give me feedback and help me understand how to do better the next time. I didn’t mind the process because I was learning and that only makes me a better photographer!

In the end, there were so many photos she loved that she had to purchase more photos! I feel like that spells success!

Working with Angela was a delight. We have a lot in common and I loved getting to know her through this project. I also ended up with three lovely bracelets made from the hair of my own horses. 😊

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