Wings Mentorship Now Open for Enrollment!

I am so excited to share that as of today, the doors are officially open for 20 equestrian photographers to enroll in my Wings mentorship program!


Wings is a 3-month, online mentorship for equestrian photographers, from professionals to passionate amateurs, who want to up-level their photography and editing skills.

So, if that’s you but you’re still not sure if you’re ready for Wings or maybe if it is the place for you, then I made a video just for you where I share a little about my mentorship program, why I created it, and why I want YOU to be part of it!

Why do I limit the program to 20 photographers?

The limit is 20 because the best way I know to mentor you is with a small group of people. Not only do I get to know you and encourage you but you also have a place for connection and support with your fellow equine photographers.

That’s exactly what Becky said she appreciated about her experience in the program…


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