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Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart. As the world changes, how we do business has to evolve as well.

For me, the latest evolution is reflected in my newly refreshed website. I am shifting my focus away from personal portrait photography to focus completely on Equine Commercial and Editorial Photography and Video, along with Photographer Mentoring and Education.

My business has been growing in recent years, which has put me at a crossroads: do I scale up and add employees or do I scale back and focus on serving a specific clientele. When I looked at the big picture of all the services I offer, I feel I bring the most value as a creative partner with equine businesses through Advertising and Branding photography, Videography, and licensing images through my Equine Stock Library.

In addition to these services, I will continue to offer mentorship and educational opportunities to equestrian photographers. I have moved my educational program to a new site, I am working on some exciting new things for this side of my business that should be available later this year!

So where does this change leave portrait clients? I am still happy to offer portrait sessions for past clients and close friends. Any new inquiries will be referred to a small list of equestrian portrait photographers I feel would do a great job both with photography and service.

I’m excited about this new direction and look forward to seeing what this latest evolution brings to my business!

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