Anna’s Senior Photos with Horses Kharben and Tommy


I use the word “Horse Lover” to welcome people to my web site, and also to describe my ideal client. Anna fits that description to a “t”! She truly loves her horses, and it’s evident they love her back. She is an accomplished equestrian, winning many national titles with her beautiful Arabian horses. What I love about her is that you would never know she is so accomplished because she is humble, and has this way of loving and encouraging those around her that makes you just want to be around her. 🙂

Anna chose to have most of her senior photos with her half Arabian horse, Kharben. He is more of a pet and trail riding horse in her life and their bond runs very deep.



When horses kiss back!!







Near the end of the session, Anna switched to Tommy, one of her show horses. He was such a beautiful animal to photograph!


I can’t quite even describe how I managed this photo, but it was pretty exciting to have a beautiful sunset and a big bright moon to compose into my photo!


I didn’t realize it until Anna showed me, but the reins in this photo make an infinity loop. Love forever.

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  1. Barb Kellogg

    August 8, 2016

    Such exquisite loveliness.

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