Ashley and Her Horse Stella – Golden Fields & Light


Last summer, I noticed a higher number of golden fields popping up in early summer. I found out that more farmers had planted wheat, oats and barley due to increases in those crop prices. I started dreaming of photographing people in these fields, so I put a call out on Facebook. The trick was that I needed to find people with access to a golden field, and permission to have a horse in it!

Ashley is a past client of mine who has also become a friend. She already had a session booked with me for later in the summer, so when she said she was game, I was super excited! Her husband is a produce farmer and has access to fields like this, so we made our plans!

I started to research and conceptualize how I wanted these photos to look and feel. I had made an image like the one above during an engagement session a few years ago. The difference was they were laying in a field of flowers and I was able to get on a bridge above them to shoot it. I asked if Ashley’s husband Brad could bring a ladder. I knew that with the right lens, I could make it feel like they were lost in a sea of gold. So with golden fields, golden light, a beautiful girl and her best equine friend Stella, we set out to create some art!


Ashley’s cousin Dani helped me out by taking some behind the scenes photos of the shoot.


Our number one challenge was keeping Stella from eating the field. I really can’t blame her, it would be like standing in a field of chocolate that was a mouth height!


I know few people more devoted to their animals than Ashley. She is a gem!




Surprisingly, black and white images looked good too!


My favorite part is when the sun got to the horizon and turned everything a deep golden color.



A few months later, we met up again for Ashley’s regularly scheduled session. 🙂

When I asked her what she wanted her session to look and feel like, her response was “Dewey, soft lighting, romantic and a dream like feel! Silhouettes for sure!”


I loved that she wore a flower crown. It really set the tone for the soft, romantic feel she was wanting.






This is probably my favorite image from this session. I feel like it truly captures their individual beauty, as well as the beautiful trust and love between them.



And we got a silhouette! Happy ending to a fun session!

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