Maddie and her Spotted Horse Casey

This was my second session with Maddie. In 2011, I did a “Remember Session” with Maddie and her senior horse, Starr.

Last fall, it was Maddie who was the senior and I got to photograph her with Casey, a beautiful Appaloosa. High School Seniors with horses are my FAVORITE type of portrait session! It’s such a beautiful time in young women’s lives, and they are usually very close to their horses after spending endless summers riding and showing.

I adore Maddie and her family, and I hope get to photograph her and her horses for many years to come!




I about died when I got out the car to scout the location and saw this hillside of vivid red sumacs!







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  1. Joylynne Harris

    May 13, 2014

    Shelley, you are an inspiration to many of us who continue to strive to get it right. I’m not there yet with portraits, but I hope to be able to do more as life continues to guide me down the path. She is a lovely young woman, and Casey is great.

    I only wish you could come and take photos of me with my Old man, Sky, in his twilight months of life… Our photos really capture memories we remember for the rest of our lives..

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