Alyse and Her Arabian Horse Marrinn

This blog post is really a story of friendship. Alyse and I have been friends for 11 years. Alyse and Marrinn’s friendship goes back even further — 13 years to be exact! When I got my first camera, Alyse and I were boarding our horses at the same farm, so she and her handsome gelding got to be … Read More

Claire and her Horse Tucker

I’m so happy to have my new site all up and running because it means I can get back to blogging! Today, I’m sharing photos from my session with Claire and Tucker. I have a “thing” for buckskin horses, so when I arrived for the session and saw this beautiful buckskin gelding, I was so excited to … Read More

Big Changes!

Welcome to my brand new web site! Launching this new site is about more than just a new interface, it's about solidifying some big changes in my business, and I'm bursting with excitement! You'll notice something really significant is missing - weddings! I have recently made the decision to stop … Read More

Josie’s Senior Photos with her Horse, Pony

Some of my favorite clients are the ones with whom I have a lot in common. Josie is a photographer, with a quiet spirit, who loves horses. Sound familiar? I enjoyed being able to spend an evening sharing our love for art and horses while making some photos together. … Read More

Reflecting, Dreaming, Changes and Some Other Stuff

It seems to be that time of year for me, when I reflect on the past year and dream about the year that lies ahead. 2014 was full of challenges - starting a new business and learning a new craft (filmmaking) while maintaining the current one, and continued difficulties from my head injury in 2013, … Read More

Megan and her horse Justin, aka Lucifer

When Meg first contacted me about doing a session for her with her Off the Track Thoroughbred horse, she included this little story… " I have had this horse since I was 13 or 14, he was off the race track, mean, and highly spirited. My trainer told me I was going to be riding a horse named Lucifer … Read More

A New Leg of the Journey…

If you and I are friends on Facebook, you may have heard me refer to a “Special Project” I’ve been working on. Or you may have seen a few quotes from me about struggling through the creative process. Well, I’m ready to share what I’ve been working on. I think. (I have butterflies just writing … Read More

Photo Tip: How to Make a Sunset Silhouette

It's no secret I love silhouettes. My favorites are the ones I can make against the beauty of a colorful sunset! I've spent years learning how to use these skies to my advantage, but I thought I would save you the time and just tell you how I do it. :) Step one: Know the Sky I am a student of … Read More