Jeff and Maite’s Day into Night Engagement Session in Philly

I first met Jeff and Maite when I photographed the destination wedding in Mexico of their friends Gerardo and Perla. We’ve stayed in touch on Facebook, and I knew Jeff and Maite had become engaged, and was secretly hoping they would contact me about photographing their wedding. When we went to visit Gerardo and Perla in NYC over my birthday weekend, we all had dinner together and we started talking about the possibility of me being the photographer for their wedding in Cartagena, Columbia.

A few months later, they contacted me asking if I would be willing to come out to Philadelphia, Jeff’s home town and the city where they met, to do engagement photos. I just happened to be free the weekend they had in mind – it was meant to be! I flew on Jeff’s airline miles, and my flights were delayed, so I couldn’t do the session the first evening we had planned. So we decided to start in the morning at Penn, which is a beautiful Ivy League campus, then take a break, and hit the city as the sun set and do some night photography. I was buzzing with excitement!

I have been working on my flash skills, especially off camera flash, for a few years now and thought this would be a fun opportunity for flash photography. I brought along an old light stand that fit in my luggage (I have a better one now!), a set of Phottix Stratos II flash transmitters, a Canon 580EXII Flash with a Large Rogue Flashbender with the Softbox attachment. I had no assistant, so I needed to work with a simple kit.

Jeff and Maite wanted creative photos, not the usual engagement type photos. They wanted them to include lots of environment, because the places where we would go were meaningful to them. I enjoyed the challenge and had a great time. At the end of the weekend, they decided to hire me for their wedding. I can’t believe I’m going to Cartagena!

These first images are from morning, all natural light.





Steamy love!



Maite attended the business school at Penn, so these photos made us laugh so much!




Just before we left Penn, we found this sweet courtyard for a few last photos. Then we headed back for lunch, and for a nap for me. :)


As we started shooting again in the city, we were on our way to a location with a view of the skyline. It was on a bridge and once we got up there, I looked down to see this sea of yellow, so I had them run down before the natural light was gone!


This is one of my favorite images from this year.


The sun set and it was time to light up the night!



There was an event earlier in the evening, and these lights and lanterns were still lit. Here I used the flash direct, with no diffusion.



I mean, who doesn’t want photos by a giant beach ball?


This was a lot of fun – we stood in this median with cars whizzing by and people saying crazy things out their windows. TOTALLY WORTH IT!


This girl can jump!


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