Introducing growtographer™, Photography Mentoring and Training

Just thinking about writing this post just made my heart rate go up! Mostly from nervousness, but also from excitement.

Expanding my mentoring and training program has been on my heart for at least two years, but I have not felt released to move forward with it. Then, suddenly, when the calendar turned 2013, it felt like it was finally the right time. I’ve been doing mentoring and training for several years now, but expanding the program is a big step for me; a new season for my business and for my heart.

The bottom line? I feel ready. I’ve walked down some tough roads, and put in some hard, hard work in the past few years. Without these experiences, I wouldn’t have had the empathy and compassion that I want living in my heart before I walk some of these roads with others.

I named the new program growtographer™. I remember being on a plane, in final approach to Minneapolis, and just thinking about what I wanted to call my mentoring and training program. The word “grow” was the part that was non-negotiable. It had to be part of the name because it’s the primary purpose in my heart – to help others GROW. This isn’t about me. It isn’t about becoming someone important in my industry. It’s simply about helping other grow and reach their potential as photographers, and maybe even as human beings. :)

And there it was. growtographer™.

A friend was looking over the logo for me (sorry Joanna, I totally changed it since then – ha ha!), and she said, “For some reason, I keep seeing ‘grow together’ when I look at it.” I’d seen that too…and absolutely loved it! That’s the idea. You grow, I grow, we all grow. Together.

Enough background, here’s a little tour of the new program, with links to the pages.


I have called almost everything I’ve done in this realm over the past few years “mentoring.” After studying mentoring more closely, I realized that just spending a day or two with someone isn’t really mentoring. Mentoring is a relationship you have with someone over a period of time, where you set long-term goals to work towards, and interim steps to get from here to there. I also want the mentorships I offer to dig deeper into finding out and working through issues of confidence, motivation, fear, gifting/calling, and other heart issues related to life and photography.

I do my best work when I can focus on a small number of people, so I will be doing only four mentorships at a time. They will run 6 months at a time and will be available starting February 1st. More details on my mentorship page.


This is more like my old mentoring program, where photographers can choose personal or small group training sessions. Topics can be completely customized for the individual or group. I will also be scheduling some growshops™ like my “Portraiture from the Heart” workshop, which will now be a two day experience for four photographers and a host. This updated workshop will include critique and workflow discussions on the second day, as well as a second hands-on photography session to allow participants to apply what they learned in their critique from day one. More details on my growshops™ page


My critique offerings are staying about the same, with a new option for having a web gallery critiqued (using a commenting option). This is available only after photographers have had a phone or in-person critique. I am running a special on critiques for the month of February: $25 off a two hour critique – phone or in-person.

My consulting services are fairly new. Workflow consulting is designed to help photographers create a more efficient workflow in their business. They say that efficiency is intelligent laziness and that is pretty much God’s honest truth about me. I am just lazy enough to do everything I can to work faster and smarter. I also come out of an IT background, so software doesn’t intimidate me, and I can be of some help to those who find it daunting. General consulting is a catch-all category – if you want to pick my brain about photography stuff on an hourly basis, this is the option for you! More details on my critique & consulting page.


Here you can read some of what people have written to me in response to their mentoring experience. This page makes my heart go thump, thump. :) More details on my testimonials page.


I do have a few events coming up, but I’m not quite ready to open registration. Watch this space for details when registration opens! I will be planning more events soon, but if you are interested in being a host (you get to go free, but have to do some work), please let me know! A few more details on my events page.

Whew! I did it! Now to see what happens next!


  1. Logan Sechler says

    I can’t even tell you how excited I am for you, being able to take this step! I’m only more excited that I get to be a part of it — and I can’t wait to be a sponge!!

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