Grant’s Senior Photos at the MN State Fairgrounds

This handsome/smart/funny/quirky/awesome kid is my sister’s son – AND MY NEPHEW! He is headed to the University of Minnesota next year on a Navy ROTC scholarship. He has also competed at the local and national levels of the American Legion Oratorical Contest, and is an Eagle Scout. We’re all so proud of him!

When considering a location, the State Fairgrounds came to mine. My sister’s family goes almost every year and I have wanted to do a session there for quite awhile. We chose a date AFTER the actual fair (who wants to fight those crowds!). I loved all the fun texture and unique backgrounds we had to work with. It was one of those perfect afternoons that will live vividly in my memories forever. :)









  1. Leanne says

    Awesome! Such gorgeous photos, they bring back all the vivid moments of that golden afternoon :) The gift of your photography has been a wonderful thing to share with all the boys!

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